Tingbjerg Kollegiet has a number of committees to keep social life going. Committee membership is on a voluntary basis, but every committee adds some unique opportunities to your life, something you couldn't do as an outsider.

Each committee has a budget, usually a few thousand kr. for each semester, that is appropriated by the Council.

Bar committee

The Bar committee is the one that runs Café Mosebryg. If you would like to be the center of the party - quite literally - be sure to sign up! After a short trial membership, you will be added to the team. Bar committee members of course enjoy certain privilidges when in the bar, but not on their shifts.

The Council

The Council is a mitigating body between the residents and the Office. It has up to 7 members, and holds meetings between every 2 weeks to a month. They also organize the Residents' meetings every half year, to provide residents with the opportunity to make their voice heard, and also to vote in members for other committees. If you don't like how thing are run, or you thnik you could make it better, look for the chairman of the Council! Members are always welcome.

The Brewery committee

There is a brewery right next to the bar, where members of the Brewery committee make all kinds of beers. It is a methodic process that requires patience, but the outcome is quite extraordinary. How many of your friends can say that they have brewed their own beer?

Sports committee

They are the ones in charge of the gym. The committee also organizes outside events every once in a while, for example the running club, or football. If you are into moving your body in a good way, make sure to look for them!

Music committee

As the name suggests, this committee collects those residents who have some hidden musical talents, and (most likely) are users of the music room.