Our laundries are run by Saniva, and use a contactless payment system. There are two laundries, one for each block.

Status of the machines can be checked online (click on "Prices & Status"):

Status for Laundry 6-10

Status for Laundry 14-18

Laundry tags can be replaced in the Office, if lost, and cost 50 kr to do so.


Located below building 16, you can find a gym with new machines:

weights (freeweights, dumbbells,  EZ)

squat rack

rowing machine

cable machine

lateral machine

arm curl machine

stationary bikes

Wall length mirrors and sink is also available. To gain access, please come down to the office.

A deposit of 200 kr. is required.

Bicycle parking

A total of 4 bicycle storage rooms are available for residents to store or park their bicycles. For access, please come down to the office.

No deposit is required.

Bicycle repair room

Located in the basement of building 18, you can find a bicycle repair facility with an option to hang your bike, and some tools to use.

Please note that the users are responsible for the cleaning of the room, and it cannot be kept open if regular cleaning dedlines are not met.

Please do not leave your bicycle in the room unattended, or if you do so, lock it and leave a clear sign that it is not to be "cannibalized".

Bicycle wash

Located in the basement of building 16, in the back of the public bathroom, you can find an area where you can wash your bicycle. Cleanup over here is also the responsibility of the users. Please use the equipment  supplied.