Waiting list

The waiting list is managed on the accommodation portal

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Quick facts

  • 2 blocks, 3 floors + basement
  • 252 single rooms (29 m2)
  • 18 double rooms (57 m2)
  • 18 common kitchens
  • 14 single + 1 double rooms per kitchen
  • 2 gardens + 2 courtyards

The rooms

Single rooms have their own bathroom and tea kitchen, and also feature a built-in wardrobe. Light fixtures in the foyer, kitchen and bathroom are included, but not in the living area. There is space under the kitchen counter for a ~90 cm tall fridge (please measure beforehand).

Double rooms are  basically two single rooms adjoined. They have a larger bathroom, and their own fully functional kitchen.

The kitchens

The kitchens are fully equipped, and have 2 ovens with cooktops, 3 fridges and 2 freezers.  You also have your own small,   lockable cupboard.

They are also the  social definers of  the residents. Your kitchen mates will be the ones you share your Tingbjerg experience with. You can cook together, have movie nights, and so on.

Each kitchen has two monthly budgets (500 kr. for kitchen equipment, 150 kr. for unspecified) that is handled by the kitchen representative. For more information, take a look inside your welcome folder, or the information binder in the kitchen, or ask your  kitchen representative.