This is Tingbjerg Kollegiet's official website. Ideal for both those who already live here, and those who are looking to find out about the place before applying. You can find useful information, pictures, documents, and more. If you notice any mistakes, please write to  web@kollegiet.dk.

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About the dorm

With its 270 rooms, including 18 double rooms, Tingbjerg Kollegiet has a long history of being an international residence for students living here. Located adjacent to local sports facilities, and only 100 m from the peaceful lakes of Utterslev Mose, the largest recreational area in the Copenhagen Municipality with 210 ha / 2,1 km2. The lakes are not for swimming, but the area is popular for exercising and recreation, and has been a protected area since 2000. Close-by attractions also include the famous cherry blossom walkway in Bispebjerg.

The dorm was built between 1970 and 1972, and afterwards renovated in 1990, and most recently between 2013 and 2015.


Official Facebook site of the dorm. Check for news and notices, but do not use for contacting the Office. Write to kontor@kollegiet.dk instead.

You can also find the unofficial Facebook group for Tingbjerg Kollegiet residents by following the link below. This group is managed and moderated by residents, so does not mirror the views and opinions of the Office, but is a great place to exchange information, or organize parties.